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 ROI-Based Strategies

Clear, reliable return on investment: It’s the purpose of every marketing campaign. At Condor Consulting, we understand this principle and it informs everything we do for you.

We don’t simply offer you raw data or arbitrary claims of success like keyword rankings or traffic volume. Our monthly reports are transparent, thorough and accurate, ensuring that you know what your investment is doing and how it’s effecting your bottom line.

We leverage experience and technology to make SEO work for you.


Experience that listens to your needs


We put real-world marketing and entrepreneurial business experience to work for you. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable staff is there every step of the way, with an understanding of how important clear concise reporting is to your marketing department.

We’ve had direct involvement with effective search engine optimization longer than most of our competitors. Our background in business, from smaller to larger firms, provides us with a broad perspective in how to serve your company. We’ve successfully implemented campaigns in some of the most competitive markets in the world, from finance to insurance, eCommerce to online gaming.

We know how to offer you the data that clearly illustrates, justifies and helps you shape your best decisions — and our experience is further empowered by leading-edge technology.


The technology to help make your message top-of-mind, every time


Search engines are far more sophisticated than simple yes/no or good/bad results. It requires an equally sophisticated approach to put your company at the top of search results. Our innovative solutions attract search engines to your site rather than merely manipulating temporary loopholes, leading to long-term rankings that result in meaningful ROI.

With nearly $100,000 invested in research and development annually, we virtually eliminate the guesswork from SEO.  Our proprietary technology maximizes our campaigns’ efficiency, providing faster feedback from search engines, for greater business agility and quicker positive results. Other companies simply cannot offer the tools we do.

We help you stay ahead of the learning curve. Our campaigns implement both qualitative and quantitative analytics tools, including multivariate testing (such as A/B split testing), to help ensure industry-leading accuracy, and include a conversion rate optimization element to speed results.

Our systems are comprehensively tested by professional mathematicians, helping ensure the most up-to-date and best available statistical analysis of search engine algorithms. We can determine the effectiveness of traditional and non-traditional tactics, accurately tracking trends regarding which tactics an algorithm credits, to position your company to its best possible advantage in search results.

We pride ourselves on shorter time to results. Other services often model an entire campaign on less accurate search volumes published by Google and other sources. Our proprietary approach to keyword research enables us to determine the keywords that drive qualified traffic to your website at the very beginning of a campaign.

With our reduced learning curve, your company can be ranked much more quickly for the best-performing keywords. We put our technology to work for you from day one.

Success: It’s What We’re All About

Our experience and technology reduce the risk and and maximize ROI in your online marketing strategies. You’ll fly high above your competitors.