Infographic Design

Whether you’re looking to send an internal memo to your company that actually sticks or are trying to seriously ramp up your link building efforts, infographics are extremely effective. Although a relatively new phenomenon, new infographic design companies seem to sprouting out of every nook and cranny on the web. So, why should you would work with Condor?


We have a team of designers who are entirely dedicated to infographic design. They’re constantly pushing the envelope with new design concepts and visualizations, creating a noticeable difference between Condor’s infographics and most infographics you’ll see floating around the web.


Whereas most companies hand you an infographic and send you on your way, Condor Consulting takes infographics to another level. After publishing more than 50 infographics, we’ve been able to establish relationships with major media distribution hubs. Having your graphic published on a site such as Mashable insures your message will reach tens of thousands of readers. We have also mastered the art of promoting infographics through various social media channels.

Our infographic promotion services result in thousands of targeted visitors, scores of high quality links, and hundreds of social signals that are used by Google to rank websites.


All of our infographics start with a hand drawn sketch with a pencil and paper. After several revisions, you’ll receive the first rough draft which we’ll revise as per your suggestions. Our infographic designers work has been featured on the most authoritative sites on the internet. Why? Because they’re so good.